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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Do you ever feel like a hamster on a wheel with your business?
Does your office have a stack of unread business books?
Is your computer full of downloaded PDFs and workshops you purchased, but realized they aren’t helping?
Or maybe you haven’t touched them yet?

Then there is the topic of “marketing”: the necessary evil that keeps hanging over your head.
What to do?
How much?

Maybe someone helped you with marketing several years ago and not much has happened since. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone understood business and helped you with a plan and path to follow and to stay on track? We’ve got you covered. There are several ways to work with us:

1. For all of you workshops/webinar/online course lovers, our Launch Momentum Acceleration Program (LMAP) is for you:

It's five webinars to get your marketing going and get you up to speed on trends and where you should focus.

•Block off a couple of hours to watch the webinars and take notes.

•We recommend you keep everything in one notebook.

When you purchase LMAP, you also get an hour of time with us on the phone or video call.

•During your session, we'll go through what you accomplished in the webinars, answer questions, help refine a few things you’re doing if needed and make sure your plan and path is good to go.

•From there, book a 30 or 60 minute session as often as you need us. Easy.

Introductory Price: $299

 Purchase LMAP 

2. Launch Momentum Collaborative Consulting Program

The Launch Momentum team has your back with marketing issues. We know one brain isn’t enough to plan all of your marketing.

•This program comes with two hours of consultation time per month.

•We also provide weekly accountability checks to ensure your marketing program is moving forward.

•Bonus materials come your way to help you with questions and keep you in the loop on trends.

•Marketing isn’t instant success. This program is a commitment for at least six months.

•Our five Launch Momentum Acceleration Program webinars are also included in this program.

Introductory Price: $499/month

Become A Member

3. As You Need Us

Book sessions with us often as you need us....once in a while, once a quarter or once after every stressful meeting.

•We're here, ready to help you find your direction to get results.

•Anne, Rebecca and Wendi are knowledgeable, experienced, direct and fun.

Sort of like that friend you always call on when you need to clear your head.

•You're going to like us!

Introductory Price:
$85 for 30 minutes / $150 for 60 minutes

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About Launch Momentum

Marketing is the way you bring your unique vision to the marketplace.

Getting your business off the ground

Launch Momentum offers targeted, ongoing, and online programs and resources to better focus your business or nonprofit and keep you moving forward.

Choose the services you need - learn online, consult with our experts to define, leverage, and expand your market presence and accelerate your success, or take advantage of our outsourcing options.

Accelerate your business, your way.

Who we are

Wendi Hill, Rebecca Russ-Sellers, and Anne Spence KNOW marketing. After working on projects over the years together, they decided to combine their skills and opened Launch Momentum. Each partner brings a unique perspective to business development and marketing.

From managing social media to responding to multi-million dollar RFPs, Launch Momentum can provide the critical knowledge and services you need to accelerate your business.

In addition to the principals, Launch Momentum works with highly qualified business and nonprofit professionals to offer additional services as needed, from graphic design to personal assessment and coaching to human resources.

What we do

Launch momentum helps you define your plan; develop your market; expand your capacity; accelerate your business. All on your schedule, at your pace, and designed to meet your needs.

Where we can be found

Launch Momentum's online resources are designed so that you can access them where and when you need them. On-line or phone consultations can be scheduled at your convenience when you need additional guidance.

Why we want to help

Launching a new business or growing an existing one can be complex and time consuming. Don’t confuse motion with action or momentum. It’s important to have a plan.

Launch Momentum is a knowledge and support team that works with you on your journey as you define, implement, and grow your business. Whether you are designing a business/marketing plan from scratch, refining an existing plan, looking for growth ideas or need help with goal-setting, we can help.

How we help your business

Launch Momentum Acceleration Program (LMAP) members learn at their own pace, on their own schedule. You’ll access five learning modules designed to help you flesh out plans, streamline operations, design and implement effective marketing programs, and accelerate your business. The one-hour consultation can be used however you need - to help you move forward using what you have learned, to get feedback on a new idea, or to design your action plan. This program is best for those who prefer independent work and just need to tweak some things in their plans and are self-motivators. You’ll also receive access to the Launch Momentum Facebook group that provides additional encouragement, information, and interaction with us.

Launch Momentum Collaborative Consulting Program members learn at their own pace, but with a support team to provide weekly check-ins, on-going consultation, encouragement, feedback and accountability. Why make the investment?

Being able to benefit from the expertise of others can give business owners the competitive edge needed to take their business to the next level, break out of paralyzing ruts, or simply gain greater clarity of vision. Business coaches or group sessions often lack the focus and breadth of expertise to make an investment in what others have to say about your business model worthwhile. This is where the Collaborative Consulting Program really delivers and time-worn “coaching” falls short. No one knows your business better than you. No one understands your challenges better than you. This being true, the danger is that an inside view often lacks the fresh eyes of an outside perspective. The Launch Momentum Collaborative Consulting Program offers you a knowledgeable team that works with you to design, plan and move forward with your ideas and products. We help you get through roadblocks and keep you focused and accountable.

Each month Launch Momentum Collaborative Consulting Program members receive access to benefits such as accountability check-ins, the Launch Momentum Facebook group, newsletters, blog posts and other resources. Work when and how suits you best and schedule your consultations with the Launch Momentum team as you need them, but at least twice a month to stay on track.



Our combined expertise moves your business forward.

Wendi Hill


Wendi Hill is the President of Launch Momentum. She’s paid her dues at marketing and consulting firms, working on all types of B2B and B2C accounts before starting her own firm in 2005.

At Clemson University, she received a bachelor of science degree in marketing and a master of science degree in industrial management. She loves helping her clients define their goals and what they do best, then she and her team develop and execute a solid plan to move their business forward.

Wendi lives in Greenville, SC with her two funny children and several rescue dogs.

Rebecca Russ-Sellers


Rebecca Russ-Sellers, PhD has over 20 years of experience developing responses for government proposals, as well as expertise in technical writing, white papers, editing, and evaluation.

Her educational background includes a Master’s in Public Administration/Policy, and her doctoral work was completed at the University of South Carolina-Columbia with a focus on health systems and public policy.

Rebecca is an invited reviewer for peer-reviewed journals, and she has a passion for creating descriptive content and evaluative frameworks to demonstrate clear goals and results for clients.

Anne Spence


Anne Spence has worked extensively in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors for over 20 years. She received her B.A. from Duke University and her Masters in International Business with a focus on Marketing from the University of South Carolina-Columbia.

Her expertise in research, writing and organizational/program development services has resulted in over $20 million in revenue for client organizations.

Whether it’s a business plan, RFP, or non-profit development, Anne’s focus is helping to define your goals and then working with you to develop your acceleration plan.


Launch Momentum Resources

Articles, Blog Posts and more to help our clients succeed!

10 May 2018

Social Networking: The Next Generation

Wendi Hill

Social networks have deeply impacted the ways in which we connect with others, gather news, form opinions, spend our money and interact with the wider world. Yet, with all of the incessant tweets and selfies, amid the vying for likes and shares, many people are experiencing social media fatigue and walking away (sometimes with great difficulty) from social media. And yet, there is an inherent value in social networking...

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20 April 2018

Collabroative Consulting

Wendi Hill

Being able to benefit from the expertise of others can give business owners the competitive edge needed to take their business to the next level; break out of paralysis mode; or simply gain greater clarity of vision.

Business coaches or group sessions often lack the focus and breadth of expertise to make an investment in what others have to say about your business model worthwhile.

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15 March 2018

When Planning Obstacles Happen

Wendi Hill

"Failing to plan is planning to fail." - Benjamin Franklin

There are many reasons why we sometimes fail to plan for success, and consequently, succeed only in failing! But even when we do take the time and spend the resources on developing a success plan, obstacles can still arise during the planning and execution phases. Here are several obstacles to planning and executing a successful strategy!

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